Jumaat, 3 Julai 2009

Orchid: Karya Seorang Budak

Rain slices peaceful day;
black clouds make dark skies;
black clouds show skies anger;
I could feel,the skies are erupting;
ligthing strikes with rays of light.

In the blink of eye,
I break the rain gate alone,
In the middle of journey,
My eyes catch a growing petite orchid tree.....
My feeling grows from the darkness,
I sacrifice myself
protecting the tiny plant.....
that is growing,
A beautiful Orchid.....
that will seduce any birds that loves peace.....
My heart couldn't bear
seeing it destrayed by the harsh storm
The anger of skies

Rainbow cuts through the showering rains
Golden eyes peep behind the fading of black clouds
Light gives hope to lover
By eyes stare at the tiny orchid plant
with hopes you grow
A beautiful orchid

My chained days are breaking fast
The anchor of time lost in seconds
under the ocean darkness
I stroke you with determination
I water you with diligence
I fertilise you with loyalty
Never I imagine
the beauty of you've grown,the beauty Orchid
You have burdened my heart.....
My love,my affection......

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