Jumaat, 23 Disember 2016


At times, I believe I do want to be a father. Watching those little human running around, blabbering gibberish, mimicking adult's word and action, watching them grow day by day, learn a new thing, surprise you with some random "I love you daddy" moment. And so on.

But sometimes, I feel like I'm not entitle for all that joy. I mean, I'm not a good son myself. My father is not the greatest but he's still my father. He just.. not around. And I have no idea what's a good father looks like, neither that I know whether I could be a good one?

Have faith and be a good husband, that is the best thing I can do.

At least for now.

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ochs widdle berkata...

be a good son too..
walau bukan yang terbaik, tapi cuba bagi khidmat yang paling baik semampu kita.
Tuhan tu adil kan.
doa jgn lupa.
Tuhan curah rezeki dalam pelbagai cara.
sentiasa dengar.
cuma, jangan berhenti.

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